22 Things You Shouldn’t Reheat in the Microwave

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As much as we all love our magic microwaves, we also believe they have a time and a place when it comes to helping out with everyday meals. There are some foods that just don’t deserve to be subjected to the dark depths of the electrical box.

With the power to take a frozen meal to new, piping hot heights in a matter of minutes, the microwave often applies too much heat in order to get the job done quickly. We’re talking about it blasting leftover lasagne with so much intense heat that the outside dries to a crisp, while the inside remains frostier than the Snow Queen of Narnia’s heart. We’ve all been there.

As much as we love using our microwaves for steaming veggies, the foods that don’t make it in our microwave are pasta, casseroles, mashed potato and pizza. Here, we're going to explain why you shouldn't microwave the weeknight staples and how to reheat them the right way.