5 Poppable Cereals and Grains That Aren't Popcorn

These super-healthy grains will help you satiate your regular popcorn quota, without a kernel of corn in sight.

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When it comes to the snack world, butter-coated sweet and salty popcorn is one of the hardest things to say no to. It makes trips to the cinema infinitely better, even when you find you've chomped through the whole bag before the film had even started. As more and more types of grains become available to us in the supermarkets, new ways of making them more exciting are being discovered.

Here's a run down of five grains you can pop that aren't popcorn. They might not all be suited to snacking on through movies, but each have their own delicious uses. Try sprinkling popped sorghum and quinoa over salads and soups for added texture and nutrients.