10 Adorable and Delicious Snowman Treats You Can Build in Your Kitchen

Do you wanna build a snowman?

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Calling all Frozen fans! Build your very own edible Olaf with these creative recipes for foods you'll actually have fun eating too. Wake up to Pancakes with Bacon Scarves and finish the day with a Snowman Doughnut Mocha. Consider your Christmas parties complete with a crazy-cute Snowman Cheese Ball and Mini Snowman Pizzas.

Not every winter day looks like a wonderland. For every perfect, powdery snow day, we'll have many more gray, rainy or slushy ones. With these recipes, you can turn every day into a day meant for building snowmen - just in the kitchen instead of outside. Kids will go bananas for these Snowman Cupcakes and Mini Pies.

Make any day a snow day with these inventive snowman recipes that aren't just adorable — they're deliciously cheeky, too!

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