18 OMG Birthday Desserts That Aren't Cake

Simple, sweet solutions for jaw-dropping alternative birthday desserts.

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Attention all cake-haters! It's time to take a look at these delicious ways to get your fill of birthday treats without relying on cake to hit the spot. The solution to your cake-dodging ways is simple - just add icing, sprinkles and maybe a candle to your sweet treat of choice to turn it into a creative masterpiece that was made for you. From Baked Birthday Doughnuts, to Birthday Cake Pancakes and Fudgy Cookies and Cream Oreo Brownies, these delicious cake alternatives from our favourite food bloggers are guaranteed to make you feel loved on your special day!

Featured Video: Three Pies Baked into a Cake

If giving your friends a shock is what you're looking to do, you need to check out the outrageous PumPecApple: three pies baked into three cakes, stacked and iced. Shameless.

Sanjana Modha