10 Most Wasted Foods in Britain and How to Turn Them into Spectacular Dishes

Add cubes of raw potato to a dish if you’ve accidentally over-salted it.

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Don’t let perfectly good ingredients sit at the back of your fridge or on the bottom of your fruit bowl. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Sainsbury's to give you the lowdown on the most wasted foods in Britain and what you can do to cut down on food waste at home. Their Food Rescue tool was created to help you waste less food and make savings by not having to replace ingredients thrown away.

If you're looking for brilliant ways to reduce food waste, take a peek at Food Rescue. It's an interactive website created by Sainsbury's and Google to give you practical help and inspiration on using up ingredients that can often lay forgotten at the back of your fridge or cupboard. They’ve got loads of recipe inspiration to get stuck in to.