12 Cheesecake Cake Combinations That'll Give You an Instant Foodgasm

Bye bye, Cronut. You've been replaced.

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Grab a napkin and a giant fork and get ready to dribble all over your lap because these cheesecake cakes are the most outrageous creations you'll see today. Layers of sponge and cheesecake filling lie together in the holiest matrimony the world has ever seen. Rich, decadent and creamy, you'll definitely be asking for one for your birthday this year. Their flavours include but are in no way limited to carrot cake, to red velvet and whiskey. We've even got cheesecake brownies.

In honour of this foodgasmic hybrid dessert combination, we've taken the liberty of rounding up the most amazing cheesecake cakes on the planet, courtesy of our favourite chefs and food bloggers. Get ready to be mind blown, people.

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