42 Emergency Dinners Every Student Needs When They're Feeling Homesick

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Eating well at uni is a worry on every parents' shoulders. Are they surviving on pizzas and kebabs? Maybe.

Well put that cheese toastie down because we've pulled together our favourite home-cooked classics that remind every student that cooking like mum or dad isn't as hard as you might think. Whether you fancy rustling up a warming Cottage Pie or a comforting Lasagne, these are the dinners every student should be cooking when they miss home.

10 Tips for Making Traditional Homemade Meals on a Budget

1. Always keep a bag of peas in the freezer. They come in handy for cash-saving fish pies, pasta dinners and sore heads.

2. Don't spend loads on premium ice creams for dessert. Keep a bag of chopped bananas in the freezer and blend them up with a handful of strawberries (fresh or frozen) for an instant dessert on a budget.

3. A tin of tomato soup can go a long way as a base for pasta bakes, stews and casseroles. Never underestimate the power of the tin.

4. Don't stick to buying cheap ingredients all the time. Buy good-quality produce, investing in things like meat and fish once or twice a week but balance it out with cheaper, hearty meals using fresh veg, beans and lentils other days.

5. Eat breakfast for dinner. It's amazing how you can pep up a breakfast favourite using inexpensive ingredients like eggs, potatoes and cheese to become a delicious dinner. Take a look at the 21 Breakfast for Dinner Recipes for some inspiration.

6. Try sharing a roast dinner with friends once a month - not only can you divide the costs, but the cooking and washing up too.

7. Pre-make your own pancake mix in a glass jar or tupperware. That way, you can have amazing breakfasts without having to cook from scratch each time. This recipe makes a who lot of mix using a combination of dry ingredients. All you need to do is add eggs and milk.

8. Stock cubes are magical ingredients that instantly add flavour to anything from stir fried noodles, to roast chicken. Keep them handy at all times.

9. Sticking to pasta every night isn't anybody's favourite. Stock up on different grains like quinoa, pearl barley and bulgar wheat for salads, soups and stews. They're really good, inexpensive for you and make a nice change from pasta or couscous.

10. Time your shop. Go to supermarkets in the evening, about an hour or two before closing time. This way, you can bag all the reduced items that have dropped in price because they might be going out of date soon. Things like fresh veg, bread, par-boiled potatoes and grated cheese all freeze really well.

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