How to Make an Ina Garten-Worthy Soufflé for Valentine’s Day

The only thing that will make a soufflé fall is if it knows you are afraid of it. - James Beard

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It’s the dish even professional chefs fear but thanks to Ina Garten and her helpful steps we’re taking on the intimidating soufflé this Valentine’s Day and no one can stop us. Whether you’re whipping up a soft and fluffy starter for your crush of simply want to devour this cheesy treat between friends, here's how to achieve perfection.

Start dreaming about delicate mouthfuls of cheese heaven and as Ina says you can pretty much add any fillings you like. Just to be safe, stick with her indulgent Cheddar and spinach recipe, it's guaranteed to make anyone swoon.

So be brave, you can do it and you have us and the one and only Barefoot Contessa helping you every step of the way. Your Valentine’s Day will reach new levels after this Giant Soufflé is served. Already feeling a little bit in love? Click next to get cracking.