KFC’s OMG Edible Chocolate Coffee Cup Is Coming to The UK

Turn your coffee into Scoff-ee.

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Have your coffee cup and eat it too with KFC’s brand new edible coffee cup. Soon to be trialed in selected KFC restaurants across the UK, the cups are 100% edible and are made using wafer biscuits, heat-resistant white chocolate and sugar paper specially developed in partnership with experimental food scientists at The Robin Collective.

Aptly-named the ‘Scoff-ee Cup’, not only does the coffee remain hot, but the cup stays delicious and crispy while the chocolate melts gradually over time making your coffee delicious and progressively sweeter. The cups are also infused with a selection of mood-improving aromas such as 'coconut sun cream', 'freshly cut grass' and 'wild flowers'.

Yep, you read that right. Who doesn’t want their morning cuppa with a hint of sun cream?

Great for people on the go, the cups were created to save time and reduce waste. “This type of edible packaging is definitely aligned with the global consumer mind-set in terms of sustainability and simplifying their life,” said Shilpa Rosenberry, director for global consumer strategy at consulting firm Daymon Worldwide, told the Times.

The ‘Scoff-ee Cups’ have been invented to mark the launch of KFC’s Seattle’s Best Coffee across its UK branches.

We might just stick to a regular bucket. Will you be trying it? Let us know in the comments below.