42 Must-Try Foods to Add to Your Bucket List

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Are you a food lover with an appetite for trying new things? Good news because we've teamed up with Kenwood to share this ultimate gastronomic bucket packed with international gems. From Mauritian Mutton Curry, to French Pork and Bean Cassoulet and South African Bobotie to Nordic Cured Salmon with Gravlax and Rye Bread, we challenge you to check off all the dishes in the list. Tell us how many you've already tried in the comments below.

Kenwood's Around the World in 80 Plates calls on six leading lights on the British culinary scene with mixed backgrounds and knowledge to elect and compile their definitive list of international foods. The edible odyssey compiles recipes from North America’s Poutine to South America’s sweetcorn ice cream; from Britain's own Jam Roly Poly through Europe to Italy’s Tiramisu (with a Mauritian twist!). Travel from North Africa’s Lamb Tagine and The Middle East’s falafel through Asia’s momos and kimchi to Australasia’s Pavlova and mainland Africa’s Jollof Rice.

Get all the recipes from Around the World in 80 Plates.

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