Parmigiano Reggiano Potato Gnocchi and Parmigiano Reggiano Cream

With only five ingredients, there’s nowhere to hide here. Just beautifully light gnocchi in a salty parmesan cream sauce. This is the Piedomontese version of gnocchi and therefore only has potato, flour and salt. To ensure the gnocchi are “soft pillows”, they need to be made and cooked within half an hour of making the dough.

  • Preparation Time30 mins
  • Cooking Time15 mins
  • Serves4


700g Desiree potatoes, of roughly equal size
1tsp. Fine sea salt
100g ‘00’ extra fine plain flour (may need up to an extra 40g)

Parmigiano Reggiano cream

300ml Whipping cream
50g Parmigiano Reggiano, finely grated
Fine sea salt
Sage leaves, to garnish
  1.     Boil the potatoes in their skins until cooked, for approximately 20 minutes. Test with a sharp knife, which should easily plunge into the centre of the largest, and slip off easily. Drain and peel, holding each potato with a tea towel and slipping the skin off using a sharp knife.     
  2. Place each potato directly into a potato ricer and rice the potato onto a sheet of greaseproof paper and spread out. This with help the potato to dry out as much and as quickly as possible.    
  3. Once dry, sprinkle the potatoes with salt. Sieve the flour over it and work into the potato until you get a soft dough, akin to a scone dough. If you use the 100g of flour and it feels too loose then add more flour until you have the correct consistency.     
  4. Cut into eight pieces, roll each piece into long thin sausages, flouring as you go, then cut into approx. 2cm pieces. Keep them on a well-floured plate and don’t allow to stick together.    
  5. Poach the gnocchi in gently boiling water approx. a dozen at a time. They will float to the top, after which give them a minute (usually when the water starts to bubble again). Remove and drain on kitchen paper and keep warm.    
  6. Whilst poaching the gnocchi, make the Parmigiano Reggiano cream. Simply add the cream and Parmigiano Reggiano to a small pan, bring to the boil and reduce until thickened and coating the back of a spoon, approx. five minutes from boiling. Season to taste.    
  7. To serve, divide the gnocchi between four hot plates and pour the Parmigiano Reggiano cream over. Garnish wish sage.     
  8. Further seasoning is optional (salt and pepper this time) but not required.

Cooks Tip: A bowl of little gem leaves are good for wiping up excess sauce.