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PEPPADEW® Halkidiki Olives


Looking to pep up your summer salads, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches & antipasti boards? 

The PEPPADEW® Brand has now launched PEPPADEW® Halkidiki Olives.  A must try this summer!

Halkidiki olives are large, oval, pale green Greek olives commonly harvested while still young.  They grow exclusively in Greece's Halkidiki region, which is adjacent to Mount Athos. 

Our PEPPADEW® olives offers a firmer texture, with a meaty bite and a soft full flavour, stuffed either with garlic, jalapeño peppers and Austrian soft cheese and uniquely paired with Sweet Piquanté Peppers in oil. 


It all started 25 years ago, when the discovery of a bright red pepper led to the incorporation of Peppadew International. 

A story of passion and dedication, a desire to create the state of the art and enthusiasm to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Piquanté Pepper was identified as a new variety of fruit, a signature flavour was carefully crafted and PEPPADEW® presented the world with the first Sweet Piquanté Pepper. 

Since then, PEPPADEW® has sought to maintain this first to market approach and has pioneered a number of unique and exclusive products including Sweet GOLDEW® Peppers and Sweet Jalapeño Peppers. 

From a journey that began in the hills of Limpopo, South Africa, a small farming industry has been transformed into a trademark taste globally in over 25 countries, the inimitable taste of the PEPPADEW® brand.

As an international brand, PEPPADEW® prides itself in its attention to detail and meticulous quality standards. With a combination of exceptional flavours, a wide variety of products to compliment all occasions, PEPPADEW® will quickly become a family favourite from South African farms to your forks by adding a unique signature flavour to your meals.  As you continue to discover more about our products and the PEPPADEW® experience, we look forward to helping you PEP IT UP® with PEPPADEW®. 

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