50 Really Easy Family Dinners Kids Will Love Too

No more cooking separate dinners for the kids.

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Share a mouth-watering meal with the family tonight with these easy recipes that kids will love too. No more separate dinners for the kids. From simple Chicken Tenders with Spaghetti, to Beef Fajitas, we've got the ultimate family feasts that will satisfy even the fussiest of eaters.

One simple way to make dinners kid-friendy is to downsize regular dishes like chicken pie and roast dinners by baking them in cupcake tins. The mini versions aren't as overwhelming as big plates of food and the fun presentation makes for a welcome change. Try Mini Chicken and Broccoli Pies and Yorkshire Puddings with Sausages, Tenderstem and Roasted Shallot Gravy, all baked in cupcake tins.

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