Casino El Camino: Amarillo burger

  • Preparation Time15 mins
  • Cooking Time45 mins
  • Serves8
  • DifficultyEasy
15 to 20 serrano chillies, stemmed
Spray oil
2.5kg to 3kg minced angus beef
4 to 6 slices spicy jalapeno chilli cheese
10g fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped
240ml mayonnaise
4 to 6 baps
1) Preheat the oven to 240C/Gas 10. Place the serranos in a foil-lined baking tray and spray them lightly with oil.

2) Heat in the oven for 30 to 45 minutes or until the serranos are slightly browned. Allow to cool then chop and set aside.

3) Form several 250g to 350g patties with the minced angus beef. Griddle to desired doneness or correct internal temperature.

4) When the burgers are almost done, top with the chopped roasted serranos then the cheese. Combine the coriander and mayonnaise.

5) Remove the burgers from the griddle when the cheese is melted. Place a burger on the bottom of each bap and the coriander mayonnaise on the top.

This recipe was provided by professional chefs and has been scaled down from a bulk recipe provided by a restaurant. The Food Network Kitchens chefs have not tested this recipe, in the proportions indicated, and therefore we cannot make any representation as to the results.

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