Chips with Blue Cheese Fondue

  • Preparation Time15 mins
  • Cooking Time10 mins
  • Serves6
  • DifficultyEasy

For the crisps

Canola oil, for deep frying
2 large russet potatoes
2 or 3 cloves garlic, smashed
1 sprig fresh rosemary, leaves stripped
1 teaspoon coarse sea salt

For the dip

230g your favourite blue cheese, such as gorgonzola
5 tbsps cornstarch
1 tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic, minced
1 shallot, minced
1 sprig fresh rosemary
60ml dry white wine
180ml double cream
1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper
Pinch cayenne pepper
5 fresh chives, snipped

For the dip, combine the cheese and cornstarch in a large bowl, toss to coat and set aside.

In a heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium heat, add the oil, garlic, shallots, and rosemary. Season with a pinch of salt and cook until the shallot and garlic soften slightly, about 1 minute.

Add the wine and simmer, about 1 minute. Whisk in the cream, pepper and cayenne pepper. When the cream mixture begins to bubble, remove from the heat and strain over the blue cheese, whisking to incorporate.

Remove from the heat and stir in the chives if using.

For the crisps, in a medium pot, pour enough oil so that the oil comes 3 inches up the sides. Heat over medium heat until a deep-frying thermometer inserted in the oil reaches 170°C. (If you don't have a thermometer, a cube of bread will brown in about 3 minutes.)

Slice the potatoes thinly on a mandolin. As you slice them, put them in a bowl of cold water to cover.

Drain the potatoes and pat dry. Working in batches if necessary, cook the potatoes in the oil until they are golden brown and crispy, about 3 minutes.

Add the garlic if using, along with the potatoes. Remove the potatoes from the oil to a large paper towel-lined bowl and season them with the rosemary and salt, shaking the bowl to distribute the seasoning evenly.

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