Chocolate Salami

  • DifficultyEasy
125 grams brown sugar
300 grams dark 70% chocolate, roughly chopped
80 grams cocoa powder
1 tablespoon finely grated orange zest
125 grams butter, cubed
2 tablespoons runny honey
30 grams toasted pine nuts
50 grams toasted and chopped walnuts
50 grams toasted and chopped hazelnuts
50 grams blanched chopped pistachio nuts
50 grams glacé cherries, halved
100 grams roughly chopped amaretti or shortbread biscuits
Icing sugar for dusting
3 small plastic freezer bags

Place the sugar and chocolate in a large bowl, place the bowl onto a saucepan of boiling water, being careful that the bowl doesn't touch the water. Once the chocolate has begun to melt, turn the heat down and add the cocoa, orange zest and butter, mix it all together until the butter has melted and then add the honey.

Toast the nuts in individual batches on a medium heat for a couple of minutes, or until they let off a lovely, nutty aroma and subtly change colour. Use a mallet to roughly break up the hazelnuts into chunks roughly chop the walnuts and pistachios then add them to the chocolate mixture, along with the cherries and biscuits.

Mix it all together, making sure that everything is evenly coated and combined.

Put some icing sugar into one of the freezer bags and spoon a third of the mixture in, squeeze it into the corners and then roll it and shape it. Repeat until all of the mixture is used up and then place them into into the fridge for 30 minutes.

Dust some icing sugar onto a flat surface, split one of the bags open onto the surface and roll it in icing sugar, then repeat with the other two salamis. Dust them with more icing sugar before you slice them up to serve.

Yield: Makes 3 small salamis or one large salami

Chocolate Salami

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