Cinnamon sugar French-style toast

  • Preparation Time10 mins
  • Cooking Time30 mins
  • Serves4
  • DifficultyEasy
240ml milk
3 large eggs, beaten
50g caster sugar
2 tsp ground cinnamon
60g unsalted butter
8 thick slices white bread (about 3/4 of a white sandwich or Pullman loaf, cut into 2cm thick slices)
Suggested servings: Jam or hot pure maple syrup
1) Preheat an oven to 90C or your oven's lowest setting, and place a rack on a baking sheet.

2) Whisk the milk and eggs in a glass pie or casserole dish until evenly combined.

3) Whisk the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl.

4) Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Add 10g of butter to the skillet, swirling the pan to coat the surface. Dip 2 slices of bread into the egg mixture and immediately lay in the skillet. Sprinkle the cinnamon sugar on top and cook until the undersides are brown and crisp, about 4 mins. Add a nut-sized bit of butter to the skillet, as needed, and flip the toast, cook until golden on the underside, about 3 mins more.

5) Serve immediately or transfer to the rack in the oven to keep warm. Repeat with the remaining bread and batter. Serve with jam or maple syrup.

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