Jerte Picota® Infused Pimm’s

  • Preparation Time10 mins
  • DifficultyEasy
100ml Pimm’s No 1
225g Jerte Picota®, pitted and puréed
200ml soda water or lemonade
2 sprigs fresh mint
2 slices of cucumber
Fresh Jerte Picota, to serve
Ice, crushed

1. Place the Jerte Picotas® into a food processor until a smooth purée is produced.

2. Put the Jerte Picota® purée, cucumber slices, 1 mint spring and the Pimm’s in a jar and mix well.

3. Pour in the soda water or lemonade and add crushed ice, stirring gently.

4. To serve, pour into glasses. To garnish add fresh mint leaves and Jerte Picotas.

Photography by John Holdship and recipe courtesy of Dialogue Agency

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