Lamb Koftas

  • Cooking Time10 mins
  • Serves8
  • DifficultyMedium
1kg braised lamb shoulder (slow cooked in lamb stock at 160 degrees for 4 hours, then shred)
30ml braising liquid
Teaspoon cumin
½ chopped onion
Soaked raisins (in hot water) and chopped

For the Tzatziki:

2 tablespoons double cream yoghurt
2 grated cucumber

For frying:

4 eggs whisked
200g bread crumbs
100g flour

1. Heat olive oil up in a large non stick pan up, add onion and raisins. Cook for 3-4min, then add cumin to pan to toast.

2. Add braising liquid to moisten lamb and mix through.

3. Add cooked onion and raisin mix to lamb and mix through.

4. Roll in clingfilm into tube shape to set in fridge.

5. For the tzatziki, lay cloth into a bowl. Grate cucumber into cloth, then squeeze out excess water. Mix with yoghurt.

To finish:

1. When ready to serve, remove lamb from fridge and remove from clingfilm. Cut into 3cm pieces.

2. Roll pieces in flour, dip in eggs then coat in breadcrumbs. Refrigerate till needed.

3. Deep fry till golden. Lay on paper towel to drain excess oil.

To serve:

1. Lay tzatziki on plate and arrange the Koftas. Top with more tzatziki.

2. Season to taste if necessary, then serve.

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