Marlowe's BBQ dry rub

  • Preparation Time10 mins
  • Serves11
  • DifficultyEasy

For the BBQ dry rub

600g paprika
400g sugar
400g garlic powder
200g salt
200g onion powder
200g seasoned salt
100g chilli powder
100g black pepper
100g black magic seasoning, recipe follows

For the black magic seasoning

400g onion powder
400g garlic powder
200g cayenne pepper
100g white pepper
100g black pepper
200g dried thyme
200g dried oregano
400g table salt
200g paprika
200g ground cumin
1) The dry rub is as important to a good BBQ as the sauce. When creating a dry rub you want seasonings that will add to the complexity of the flavour without being overpowering. Marlowe's BBQ sauce is sweet with subtle fruit undertones; this dry rub is spicy with a late burn. The 2 together combine with the smoke flavor of the meat to create 1 cohesive unit.

2) Blend all the dry rub ingredients together well, cover and store.

For the black magic:
1) Black magic seasoning is an essential part of Southern cuisine and my kitchen is never without it. This seasoning adds extra kick as a component of Marlowe's BBQ dry rub, but it is also fabulous by itself.

2) Blend all the black magic ingredients together well, cover and store.

3) Try spicing up your chicken or fish by adding a liberal amount of this seasoning before griddling or pan-frying.

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