Perfect Banana and Pecan Porridge Oats

  • Preparation Time15 mins
  • Cooking Time2 mins
  • Serves15
  • DifficultyEasy
300g quick-cook rolled oats
200g pecans, broken into small pieces
2 tsp ground cinnamon
60g banana chips, broken into small pieces
40g golden sultanas
2 tbsp dark brown sugar, optional
1/2 tsp salt

In a non-stick frying pan, dry toast the pecans until golden and fragrant. Set aside and allow to cool.

In a large bowl, combine the oats, cinnamon, sultanas, banana chips, salt and brown sugar.

Fill the porridge oats into a large Kilner cliptop jar ready for when you next want porridge for breakfast or to gift to friends. If you're making this as a gift, don't forget to include the cooking instructions below!

Perfect Banana and Pecan Porridge Oats Cooking Instructions

Take 40g porridge in a microwave-safe bowl and add 150ml milk (whole, semi-skimmed, soy, rice or almond). Stir and place in the microwave on high power for 2 minutes. Give the porridge another stir and allow to sit for a further minute or two. Top with brown sugar or a squidge of maple syrup if you like.

Recipe courtesy of Sanjana Modha on behalf of Kilner.

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