Preserved Lemon and Chilli

  • DifficultyEasy
2 large ripe lemons
A handful of small green chillies
A handful of small red chillies
3 heaped tablespoons salt
Bay leaf
Sprigs of rosemary

Chop the ends off the lemons and then slice them very thinly. Pack the lemons and the chillies into a sterilised glass jar and layer with salt, adding the bay leaf about half way down. Top with fresh rosemary and a final layer of salt and tightly pack. Top up the jar with warm water, making sure that the lemons are covered. Seal with a lid, give it a good shake and store in a dark cupboard for two weeks.

It's delicious chopped into sauces, you can use it to make gremolata with a difference, and it's great in a dressing or stirred into savoury rice.

Preserved Lemons and Chilli

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