Roast Pork Brioche Buns

Try Ching's tasty variation on Bánh mì, a classic Vietnamese street sandwich.

  • Preparation Time30 mins
  • Cooking Time10 mins
  • Serves4
  • DifficultyMedium
500g pork fillet
1 tbsp groundnut oil
1 tbsp runny honey
4 small brioche buns
4 Red Gem lettuce leaves

For the marinade

1 clove of garlic, crushed, finely chopped
2 tbsps yellow bean sauce
1 tbsp Shaohsing rice wine or dry sherry
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp groundnut oil

For the caramelised red onions

1 tbsp groundnut oil
1 red onion, finely sliced
1 tbsp soft light brown sugar
1) Put all the ingredients for the marinade into a large bowl and stir together. Add the pork fillet and turn in the mixture to coat, then cover and place in the fridge to marinate for at least 20 minutes.

2) Remove the pork from the marinade (retaining this) and cut into 5mm slices. Heat a wok over a high heat until it starts to smoke and then add the groundnut oil. Add the pork slices and stir-fry for 2 minutes.

3) Stir the honey into the marinade, then add to the pork and cook for another 2 minutes or until the meat has acquired a slightly sticky glaze. Transfer to a plate and leave to rest.

4) Meanwhile, make the caramelised red onions. Heat a small wok over a medium-high heat until it starts to smoke and then add the groundnut oil. Add the onion slices and cook for 3 minutes or until softened, then sprinkle over the sugar and cook for a further 1-2 minutes or until sticky and caramelised.

Slice each bun in half, add a lettuce leaf, some fried pork slices and a spoonful of caramelised onions and serve immediately.

Ching's Fast Food is published by HarperCollins, priced £20.

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