Sheep's Milk Ice Cream, Summer Fruits and Pistachios

  • Preparation Time20 mins
  • Cooking Time15 mins
  • DifficultyMedium

For the ice cream

1L sheep's milk (you could use goat’s milk too)
12 egg yolks
250g sugar
1 vanilla bean

For the nuts

1/2 cup toasted pistachio nuts
3/4 cup sugar
Fresh fruit, to serve

Mix egg yolks, vanilla and sugar together in a heavy based pot and then pour in the sheep's milk. Place on the stove on a medium heat. Stir often and cook until it’s silky and coating the back of the spoon.

Pass through a fine sieve and chill. Once cold pour into the ice-cream churn.

Place nuts onto a baking paper-lined tray. Melt and caramelise sugar and pour over the nuts. Leave to cool the smash to crumbs in the mortar and pestle.

The plating of this dish is very random, a few scoops of ice cream, randomly scatter the fresh and dried fruits, flowers and nut praline around the plate.

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