Tamarind broth with mud fish and elephant ear stems

Tamarind broth with mud fish and elephant ear stems

  • Preparation Time15 mins
  • Cooking Time15 mins
  • Serves4
  • DifficultyEasy
1 mud fish (400-500g), cut into 1.5cm-thick cutlets
1/2 tsp fried garlic chips
1/2 tsp fried sliced red Asian shallots
1 bunch saw tooth coriander, sliced
1 bunch rice paddy herb, sliced
50g bean sprouts
2 tomatoes, sliced into wedges
50g okra, sliced
50g elephant ear stems, peeled, sliced
100g sliced pineapple
2 tbsps fish sauce
4 tbsps sugar
50g tamarind pulp
1 1/2Lwater
1 chilli sliced
1) Dissolve the tamarind pulp in 250ml warm water. Work the pulp until dissolved and then strain the liquid through a fine sieve, discarding the pulp.

2) Combine the tamarind liquid with 1 1/2 litres of cold water, fish sauce, pineapple and sugar in a large clay pot and bring to the boil. Add the fish pieces to the pot and return to the boil, skimming off any impurities.

3) Add the tomato, elephant ear stems, okra and bean sprouts to the pot and return to the boil. Garnish with rice paddy herb, saw tooth coriander, fried red Asian shallots, fried garlic and chilli.

Serve with jasmine rice or vermicelli noodles.

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