Tenderstem, Coconut and Prawn Salad

  • Preparation Time5 mins
  • Cooking Time5 mins
  • Serves2
  • DifficultyEasy
200g Tenderstem broccoli (sliced in half at a diagonal)
200g raw king prawns
Handful beansprouts
2 tbsp toasted desiccated coconut
Drop sunflower oil

For the dressing

3 shallots peeled
3 big red chillies deseeded
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp ground coriander
Pinch salt
1 tsp sugar

To make the dressing simply bung all the ingredients into a food processor and blitz until finely ground. You can also do this by hand by chopping everything finely, or the old traditional way of using a pestle and mortar.

Heat a tbsp oil in a large frying pan, add the dressing and cook for about 2-3 minutes until it is lovely and fragrant. Add the prawns, desiccated coconut and Tenderstem, stir fry for another 2 minutes, adding 100ml of hot water if it’s looking a little dry, then add the bean sprouts at the end, cook for another minute or until the prawns are cooked through.

Serve either as an exotic side dish or as a delicious main course with steamed rice.

Recipe courtesy of Tenderstem Broccoli

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