The Serengeti

  • Preparation Time10 mins
  • DifficultyEasy
Half a lemon
4 to 6 large basil leaves, stems removed
3 to 4 tsp natural brown sugar, to taste
Ice cubes
45ml flavoured rum or flavored vodka (recommended: Bacardi Coco Rum or Skyy Vanilla Vodka)
90ml sweet and sour mix (recommended: Finest Call)
Small sprig of basil, for garnish
1) Cut the lemon into small cubes. Put all but 1 lemon cube, the basil, and brown sugar together in a glass and muddle until the consistency of a paste or jam.

2) Fill a glass with ice. Pour rum and sweet and sour mix into shaker without ice. Put cap on and shake; this blends the spirit with the mixer and creates a froth.

3) Strain into glass and stir. Garnish with small spring of basil and cube of lemon and serve immediately.

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