Ultimate Cheese Platter

Recipe Courtesy of Ina Garten

  • Preparation Time10 mins
  • Serves16
  • DifficultyEasy
Fresh fig, lemon, or Galax leaves
1 large bunch seedless green grapes
340g wedge truffled pecorino
450g wedge Stilton blue cheese
340g piece Brie
230g piece herbed goat cheese, such as Fleur Verte
Fresh strawberries
Dried apricots
Fig jam
1 dried fig ball, halved (optional)
  1.   Arrange the fig leaves in a single layer on a 16- to 18-inch diameter round board or platter.  
  2. Place the grapes in the center of the board. Arrange the cheeses on the board around the grapes, cut sides facing out.  
  3. Nestle the strawberries between two of the cheeses to create a block of color. Nestle the apricots between two of the cheeses, also creating a block of color. Transfer the fig jam to a bowl and place it on the board.  
  4. Arrange the crackers on the board around the cheeses. If using, place the fig ball on the board, cut sides up.