Savoury Porridge is the New Breakfast Worth Getting Out of Bed For

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January is finally over, and there’s more than one reason to celebrate. Gone are those cold mornings when all you have to look forward to is some fruit and a bowl of cereal and here’s the reason why – savoury porridge! Nothing will motivate you more to jump out of bed and hit the ground running than a belly-warming bowl filled with some of your favourite savoury snacks, including eggs, avocados, chicken and whatever else may float your boat.

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We’re so used to viewing porridge through honey, sugar and banana tinted spectacles that the idea of salmon in our breakfast bowl (say whaaa?) took some getting used to. However, on further reflection we’re feeling more and more tempted to try some porridge with mushrooms, amongst other things, as a main ingredient, and judging by the stream of savoury porridge bowls on Instagram it appears you are too.

The best thing about savoury porridge? It’s fully customisable, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy a fulfilling start to your day. That hungry feeling you get around brunch time after a light breakfast? That’s been consigned to the dark days of January. Hello February, and hello savoury porridge. Bon appetite!

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