16 Swoon-Worthy Ice Cream Recipes (No Machine Needed!)

Put your cash away, you don't need a fancy ice cream machine.

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You don't need a big, fancy ice cream maker to create delicious, customised ice creams at home. With just a tin of sweetened condensed milk, a few extra mix-ins and a little bit of imagination, you can treat yourself to the creamiest, most inventive frozen treats.

We've taken three classic flavours and added new and creative twists to get your mouths watering. From Strawberry Jam Doughnut Ice Cream to Chocolate Rocky Road and Cookies 'n' Cream, these are the ice cream recipes to make all your friends swoon.

Enjoy them out in the summer sun and bask in the knowledge that you didn't have to fork out for a posh ice cream making machine.

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