11 Top Chefs Reveal the Music They Play in Their Kitchens

What does Guy Fieri jam to when he's rustling up fully-loaded nachos in his kitchen at home? And does Ina Garten really own every Taylor Swift album out there?

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You’re cooking a rockstar American Cheeseburger, the outro of Guns n’ Roses’ November Rain is about to blow the roof off the kitchen and the onion rings are bubbling away in the deep fryer. Cooking to music is like seasoning a portion of fries; that finishing touch that makes the whole experience more gratifying. An event, if will.

Kneading a piece of dough to a great drum ’n’ bass beat can take the stress out of your day, and funky jazz usually takes the pain out of chopping onions. Have you ever piped icing on to a cake to one of Vivaldi’s instrumental concertos? You should. The rhythm is perfect for fancy stringwork.

Whatever you’re cooking, there’s a perfect piece of music to compliment the process. We asked our top chefs to share the music that’s playing in their kitchens and here’s what we discovered. Get to the end to find our Spotify playlist, 50 Best Songs to Play in the Kitchen, Chosen by Food Network Chefs.