39 Ways to Eat Pizza for Every Meal

A short love letter from me to you.

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Beautiful pizza, the magical powers of your crispy base, garlicky sauce and melting, gooey cheese is incomparable to anything my taste buds have ever encountered. There’s no room for snobbery in our relationship – I don’t expect you to be artisanal, hand-tossed and wood-fired. Whether you were made in Naples or Northampton, I just want you to be you.

Even served cold, right out of the box, the morning after the night before, you’re a dreamboat of flavours and textures. Frozen, you’re always around when I need you most. Folded into a calzone, you sacrifice your own public appearance for my convenience of eating. And for these reasons I love you tenfold.

I just want you to know that it’s not that you’re not good enough in your original form, but that I can’t imagine enjoying a meal without your presence. So I rounded up a list of my favourite pizzafied foods from bloggers around the world. It’s clear to me they respect your beauty so much that they want to be you. And I understand why.

Spotted on: Food Beast

U & Me = BFFs 4 life.

Sanjana Modha

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