This Is What Breakfast Looks Like in Mexico and It's Beautiful

Mexican-inspired recipes to help you start the day the right way.

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Start the day the right way with these delicious recipes that are worth waking up early for. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Old El Paso™ to celebrate the incredible breakfast dishes Mexico has to offer.

Mexican-inspired recipes from Old El Paso™ are quick, easy and the perfect way to start the day. We love Andy Bates’s Huevos Rancheros – eggs cooked with delicious salsa served on top of soft tortillas and creamy refried beans. If you're a bacon lover, try these Smoked Bacon Breakfast Tortillas filled with crispy bacon, fiery scrambled eggs, fresh avocado and Old El Paso™ Cool Soured Cream Topping.

Packed with fresh flavours, breakfast in Mexico is all about beginning the day with something substantial – Breakfast Burritos are always a good idea. Just remember that your Mexican-inspired breakfast should be bursting with freshness and a little heat to really wake up your taste buds.

These Chicken Chilaquiles with Tomatillo Sauce deliver a punch of spicy and sour flavours with just the right amount of heat. If you’re short on time, these 15-Minute Bean, Egg and Avocado Tostadas will hit the spot in record time. Go on, pick your favourite recipe and get cooking!

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