Why Coconut Oil Isn't the Answer to Everything: 14 Common Cooking Oils You're Not Using Correctly

Back away from the olive oil, these tips will help you choose the right oil for better dishes.

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Our supermarket shelves have reached the point where they're overflowing with multiple varieties of oil. Traditional oils, new oils, trendy oils, expensive oils, jumbo bottles, tiny bottles, and it's all so confusing. Let's not even get started on other cooking fats like butter, tallow, ghee and goose fat just yet (we'll cover these a little later on).

Then there are news stories, trending hashtags and blogs that claim one type is the holy grail of all oils in the world, ever. Cough *coconut oil* cough. Putting all claims aside, we're going to share which oils and cooking fats produce the best results for almost every type of cooking method that calls for it.

If you’ve been frying with olive oil or roasting potatoes in vegetable oil your whole life, we’ve got some news for you… there are better fats out there for that. We never knew how versatile avocado oil really is, and that sunflower oil isn’t as multi-purpose as we first thought. Some of these you might already be able to venture a guess at but expect to learn a bunch of new tips along the way.

BTW, throughout this article, we’ll mention what’s called ‘smoke point’. This simply refers to how hot food can get before it starts to smoke, burn and eventually catch fire. When there's oil involved, safety is everything!