The DDD burger

  • Preparation Time15 mins
  • Cooking Time20 mins
  • Serves4
  • DifficultyEasy
Oil, for frying
500ml cold water
2 bags batter mix
600g 85/15 minced braising steak
4 (10cm) hamburger buns
8 slices American cheese
70g chopped white onions
4 slices tomato
16 slices gherkin
1) Preheat a deep-fryer to 180C. Place a frying pan or flat top barbecue over a medium-high setting.

2) Put the cold water in a mixing bowl, empty in the contents of the batter mix and whisk together until the batter is of pancake batter consistency.

3) Take the beef and shape it into 4 (140g) burgers. Fry in the pan or on the flat top to your desired doneness. When the burger is cooked remove from the pan or grill and set aside.

4) Open the hamburger buns and set them on the worktop with the insides facing up. Place 1 piece of cheese on top of each side of all the buns. Spinkle diced onions on all the bottom halves. Place 1 slice of tomato on all the top halves. Put 4 slices of gherkin on top of each tomato slice.

5) Gently put a cooked hamburger patty on either side of each bun and then press both the top and bottom buns together. The tighter the better!

6) Take a filled hamburger bun and insert it into the batter in the mixing bowl to surround the filled bun evenly with batter on all sides.

7) Place the batter-coated filled burger bun into the fryer. Cook until the outside coating of batter is a golden brown colour. Repeat the batter and frying process with the other filled buns. Serve with your desired side items.

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